Sanganeri Hand Printing

sanganeri hand printing

Culture and tradition are certainly a foundation of any society and undoubtedly Rajasthan is a state whose culture is itself its identity which is incredible and inimitable. Hand block printing is one such thing which has been a milestone in Rajasthan culture from last many years and one such printing is Sanganeri hand printing. As the name itself reveals this hand printing originated and is basically an art form practiced in Sanganer one of the village in Jaipur district.

Sanganer is famous for dying and printing of colorful dresses, bed sheet, curtains, dress material and variety of other different textile. This hand printing is famous not only in India but is level of the textile products of these industries is exported.

‘Boota-Booties’ are the small decorative floral patterns which are printed on fine cotton and silk material which can be taken as a signature pattern of sanganeri printing.

As it is a hand block printing then undoubtedly skilled and keen block makers and dyes are required and majority of works belong to one of the community called ‘chippa’ community. Not only this where printers are predominantly Hindus but the block makers are Muslims which itself is an example of national integrity. On sanganeri printed cloths usually yellow, green, blue color are used as background and not only this, sanganeri is have incomparable knowledge of mixing and matching the back ground with the color of prints.

A Shilpi handicraft situated in sanganer itself is an example of millstone in the handicraft industry. With highly skilled and professional workers it has proved a great boom in enhancing and preserving the rich and ethnic culture of Rajasthan. Shilpi handicrafts have turned these days meeting and fulfilling the demands of the clients in a very friendly manner and a prime object of this handicraft manufacturing unit. It is well renowned for the production of all types of handicrafts material.


by Shilpi Handicrafts